Pittsburgh's Most Immersive Escape Room

Claustrophobic? Never done an escape room before? Feeling anxious? Not confident in your puzzle-solving ability? It's probably not what you think! Here's some more information that will put your mind at ease.

Have you ever wished there were two of you? We are on the verge of a breakthrough that will allow us to clone humans, but we need your help to complete the experiment.

Up to 8 will enter...up to 9 will leave. Choose wisely when selecting a member of your group to clone. The Cloning Experiment - now open!

You are trapped aboard an alien spacecraft in the deep reaches of space. This spacecraft is far from functional, and there's no one to pilot it anyway - or is there?

You and your team must return the spacecraft to working order, learn how to operate it and, if you have what it takes, Return To Planet Earth...

Code Breakers is the first and only escape room in Pittsburgh to provide a kid-friendly option for ages 7-12. Check out our kids page to learn more!

Looking for a cool and unique birthday gift? Code Breakers offers printable gift cards. Create your gift card here. Redeem it here.

Want to know even more about Code Breakers? Check out these articles from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Kidsburgh. We have also been featured on KDKA TV News!