Our Story

We’ve reached a time when gathering with friends and family often means everyone sitting in the same room, looking at their own individual screens. When we realize we should put the phones away, we typically resort to collectively looking at the same screen. If someone suggests maybe we should get away from the television and “go out”, this often means going to a movie theater where we sit in silence and look at a much larger screen.

There are so many things to watch in today’s world that we forget how fun it is to actually participate and interact. Unfortunately, there are relatively few destinations that provide group participation and even fewer that provide true interaction.

Two long-time friends who grew up on the outskirts of Pittsburgh decided that there is a need for more options. They set out to form a company to provide additional forms of entertainment. Vernon Rock, LLC was born, named after the small town where the two friends were raised. Code Breakers is the first offering from Vernon Rock, LLC.

Code Breakers provides a hands-on escape room game where groups have 60 minutes to find clues, solve puzzles, and break codes to accomplish a goal. Unlike other escape rooms, the goal of our game is part of a larger story instead of simply unlocking a door. The plot is similar to that of a movie, but you are the star - can you break the code?