Birthdays at Code Breakers - Affordable and Convenient

As parents, the owners of Code Breakers understand the stress of providing a fun birthday experience for your child and their friends at a reasonable cost. The number of birthday party destinations is limited, and you don’t want to have their party at the same place as all of their friends. Put their problem-solving skills to the test at Code Breakers - we guarantee everyone will be talking about it for weeks! Bring up to 8 kids for only $99.99, or book both of our puzzle rooms and have a party as large as 16 kids!


The Experiences

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Code Breakers and Vocelli Pizza - The Perfect Combination!

Code Breakers serves as a unique and exciting birthday party activity. Conveniently, there is a Vocelli Pizza in our plaza with a nice eat-in area, which makes for a hassle-free place to have food! They have hosted many of our birthday parties and allow you to bring in your own cake. This assumes you are going to buy their pizza of course! It is only a few doors down, so there is no need to get back in the car. There is not a party room right in the Code Breakers space, so if you want something other than Vocelli Pizza, you would have to take the party off site. We do have a place to store gifts during the activity!


Check out this Vocelli Pizza review from Google:

“We held our son's 7th birthday party at this location after he and his friends had completed the experiments at Code Breakers next door. The owner and the staff at this location of the Vocelli Pizza franchise were very accommodating and helpful. They helped made the event an easy experience for the parents and a big success for the kids. Among the things they did for us: (a) they organized the tables into a large one to accommodate sixteen kids; (b) they gave us free water; (c) they let us know, unprompted, where we can find healthy drinks for the kids (they only sell soda at the restaurant) nearby; (d) they arranged to get the food ready quickly; (e) they only recommended food they think we'll need given the number of kids, and in our case - four large party savor pizzas at a very reasonable cost; and (f) and they were just awesomely helpful in every way possible. I highly recommend the venue for all parents who want to organize parties there.”


You can book your Code Breakers experience directly from our website. If you will have more than 8 kids you will need to book both of our puzzle rooms. They are shown as starting 15 minutes apart, but when the same group books both puzzle rooms we get them started at around the same time. The activity takes 1 hour and we ask that you arrive 10-15 minutes before your scheduled start time. There will also be some time at the end for pictures, so plan to be at Code Breakers for about 1 hour and 20 minutes. If you are interested in having food, Vocelli Pizza (412-367-1666) is a great place to visit before or after your Code Breakers experience!