If you've never done an escape room before, it's common to have some concerns. The word 'escape' doesn't really do a great job of describing what Code Breakers actually is - an hour of puzzle-solving fun! Here are some things you should know:

The Room Is Never Locked

It is against the fire code to lock people in a room in a place of business, and that's one code we don't break! For both of our rooms, the goal is something other than simply escaping the room, so leaving the door unlocked doesn't take away from the experience. You can leave and return at any time.

The Room Is Fairly Large

Each of our rooms is about the size of a one-car garage with plenty of open space in the middle to move around.

There Is Nothing 'Creepy' In Our Rooms

Some escape rooms have a zombie in the room. Others lock you in handcuffs to start. We have avoided horror themes. The thrill of our rooms is solving interesting puzzles to achieve unique goals.

We Are Not There To Judge You

We know the puzzles are not easy. Each of our employees had to do all of the puzzles before they started working for us, so they know how difficult it can be. They are cheering you on!

It's Only As Competitive As You Make It

Some groups want to complete the room as fast as possible with as few hints as possible. Other groups just want to have a relaxing hour of puzzle-solving fun and are happy to take extra hints. It's up to you!