Code Breakers Escape Room Prices

Kids (ages 7-12) room pricing

Our kids escape rooms (recommended ages 7-12) are only $99.99 for a private session of up to 9 people. One participant must be an adult, so you can have up to 8 kids. We know that typical per-person escape room rates could be cost prohibitive for large groups of kids, so we charge one low rate for the entire room.

Adult (ages 13+) room pricing

The normal price of our adult (recommended ages 13+) escape rooms is $25 per person. We often run promotions for as much as 50% off. See below to email us for a promo code.

Note that, unlike other escape rooms, we charge no taxes or booking fees at check-out!


We often run promotions. Email us at and we will send you our latest offers.