Why should I choose Code Breakers?

We have the best prices around

How do we know this? We will match offers from other escape rooms. Email promos@codebreakers412.com with a link to another offer.

The goal is more than to simply escape a room

Code Breakers is an immersive gaming experience instead of just an escape room. In Return To Planet Earth, you are in the depths of space and must learn to set an alien spacecraft on a course back to planet earth. In The Cloning Experiment you must successfully clone a member of your group. These are goals that we feel are more rewarding than simply opening a door.

It's not just a series of locks and keys

Searching for hidden keys to open locks can quickly become boring. In Return To Planet Earth, the focus is on making a spaceship operable. In The Cloning Experiment you perform experiments in our science lab to learn how to clone a human.

You get only the best puzzles

We put all of our best ideas into only two rooms to avoid the need to add 'filler' puzzles that would be necessary if we had too many experiences.

It's not just another room in your house

We feel it is our job to take you away to another world for an hour. Being stranded on a spacecraft isn't something you experience every day...we hope! Have you ever cloned a human? We didn't think so!

The puzzles fit the theme of the room

In Return To Planet Earth, the puzzle solutions tie directly to the goal of getting the spaceship up and running. In The Cloning Experiment, the puzzles work toward the goal of cloning a member of your group. These puzzles wouldn't fit into any other experience.

We are the first escape room in Pittsburgh to offer a kids version

In addition to our adult (aged 13+) escape rooms, we also offer versions with puzzles targeted at kids ages 7-12.

Code Breakers is locally owned

Two life-long friends from Pittsburgh created Code Breakers from the ground up. It is not part of a franchise or chain. We hope to create other forms of amusement in Pittsburgh rather than expand to other cities. Your business will help us do that. Read our story here.

A visit to Code Breakers is hassle-free

Conveniently located in Pines Plaza Shopping Center along Perry Highway (Route 19) in the North Hills, we have a huge parking lot that is easy to get in and out of from either direction. There is no need to worry about finding street parking.